What is metanoia?

Kelly Meyers in her essay “Metanoic Movement: The Transformative Power of Regret” tells us that          “…metanoia illuminates the spaces that exist around and beyond opportune moments…[and] offers a way to expand ‘opportunity’ in writing processes.” In other words, it encourages us to “learn to see and seize the potential for transformation that exists within experiences of regret.” 

Myers’ essay has launched the 2022 Symposium panelists into reflective and innovative examinations of the ways metanoia not only “offers ways to reframe the affective elements of…learning, writing and revising,” but also how it works, in recursive and re-orienting ways “to expand ‘opportunity’ in writing processes” –and in life. 

About the host

The Professional Writing Students’ Association was initiated by Professional Writing students Jacqueline Swan and James Zhan in 2017 with the help of faculty advisors Dunja Baus and Marlene Bernholtz and fellow students. Fast forward to the present the executive council has seen four teams lead it successfully.

The PWSA plans and executes events where York students can network with peers, alumni, and faculty.

We offer undergraduate students the opportunity to be published in Inventio and present their work at our Annual Symposium. We also provide a space for Professional Writing students to share and discuss their writing where they will learn of the different fields and career opportunities related to Professional Writing.

The PWSA is open to any student, faculty member, staff, and alumni of York University regardless of program major or writing experience.

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